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ELEMIS Mindful Flotation

Treatment Time: 55 minutes   Price: £79

This lusciously fragrant and intensely moisturising body wrap will transport you to the Far East.

The velvety texture of the Monoi oil offers super hydration, quenching a thirsty skin. The aromatic oil, or LIFE ELIXIRS blend tailored to your needs, is applied using sweeping strokes with maximum attention paid to any particularly parched areas. You are cocooned in the dry flotation giving the body a sense of weightlessness whilst you enjoy a soothing facial and de-stressing scalp massage. An emotionally grounding experience for skin that has never felt silkier.

NB: there is a weight restriction of 17 stone. This treatment may be unsuitable during the last trimester of your pregnancy; please contact us for advice.

Contra Indications
Heart or circulatory disorders
Restricted mobility
mdPrescribed any medication by your doctor
AAn allergic disposition or have known allergies to food stuffs
CDiagnosed as having cancer or are undergoing sessions of chemotherapy or radiotherapy
Systemic disorders e.g. epilepsy, kidney problems etc
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Price: £79

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