Treatment time: 50 minutes

Price: £82

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Your treatment will start with a consultation to check your general state of health. Fine needles are then inserted in 12 to 15 points around the body to stimulate or suppress the flow of 'Chi'. Acupuncture aims to restore the balance of Chi energy - a state of equilibrium when Yin and Yang are in harmony. Most people find acupuncture a pleasant and deeply relaxing experience. There should be no pain during the insertion of the needles. When the needles are inserted you may feel a slight tingling sensation, this indicates that the treatment is beginning to have some effect. Acupuncture may relieve pain and suppress cravings and is widely used for stress relief.

This treatment is conducted by a specialist practitioner and is subject to availability and therefore not available on all days of the week.

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Cosmetic Acupuncture - £82.00
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