Treatment FAQ's

Q. Can I see my schedule before I arrive?

A. If you would like to see your schedule in advance we strongly recommend you talk to one of our friendly Treatment Advisors on 01664 433043 who will be happy to give you an idea of how we have scheduled your treatments before you arrive.

Q. Can I request what time I have my treatments?

A. Our Treatments team are able to take requests for treatment times, however due to the size of the salon and complex nature of the scheduling system they are unable to confirm these requests until you arrive.

Q. What should I wear for treatments?

A. For most treatments it will be appropriate for you to wear your underwear or swimwear under a robe.  For very messy treatments we provide paper disposable underwear, so as not to ruin yours!  For some specialised holistic therapies like Thai Massage and Shiatsu, loose, comfortable clothing is most appropriate.  No jewellery should be worn when attending treatments.

Q. I like very firm massages, how do I ensure I receive them?

A. The most assured way of receiving firm massage is to book a Lava Shells Massage, Balinese Massage, Elemis Deep Tissue Massage or Decleor Deep Muscle Energiser Massage.  Our style of massage for inclusive treatments is based on Swedish style relaxation. If you are used to manipulation or no hands sports techniques, it may feel disappointingly light.

Q. Can I upgrade my inclusive treatments to specialised treatments and/or exchange my inclusive treatments for something else?

A. There may be some upgrades that can be applied to your inclusive treatments at an additional cost. We can exchange some inclusive treatments, particularly if they clash with other specialised treatments that you may have already booked or if it is due to a medical reason.

Please contact our Treatments Advice Line on 01664 433043 if you require further information.

Q. I want to do certain fitness classes, how do I make sure my treatments do not clash with them?

A. Telephone or email your fitness requests to our Treatments Administration Department at least 14 days prior to arrival. A suitable programme accommodating both fitness and treatments will then be arranged for you.
NB: Click here for a sample of our fitness timetable and class descriptions

Q. Can you email me my Treatment schedule?

A. We are unable to confirm schedules in writing or via email as they are subject to change. We recommend you talk to one of our friendly Treatment Advisors on 01664 433043 who will make it their mission to achieve your requests.

Q. Between what hours will my treatments be scheduled?

A. Treatments are offered between 9.00am – 7.30pm daily. Your treatments will be booked between these times in advance of your arrival. Please contact us if you have any specific requirements.

Q. Can I book a treatment without a day booking or overnight accommodation?

A. Unless you are a Country Club member, you will need to have a spa day or spa break booking.

Q. I have a health problem which I am worried will stop me having treatments, what should I do?

A. If you have any medical conditions or health issues please refer to the Treatments and Activities Price List when choosing your treatments. Here you will find clear reference to the main contra-indications where certain treatments may not be advisable. It is your responsibility to ensure the treatments and activities you select are suitable for you so if you have any health concerns please consult your GP prior to your visit.

Q. What if I need to cancel a treatment?

Any treatments cancelled within 12 hours of the appointed time will incur a 50% charge.

Treatment Do's and Don'ts

We have compiled these snippets of advice to help you to plan your visit so that you really make the most of every hour with us.


Look at our Treatment Special Offers that could save you money.

Check out our All In One treatments - they are better value (up to 30% off) and one longer treatment gives you relaxation benefits and more time to enjoy other facilities.

Drink plenty of water in between your treatments, using the spa facilities and your activities. We suggest 6 to 8 glasses per day.

Plan to exercise before a massage rather than afterwards to gain the full benefit.

Book a full body exfoliation before going on holiday to the sun as it will make your tan last longer.

Use the heat facilities i.e. sauna and steam rooms prior to a massage as it will help relax your muscles before the treatment commences.


Forget to leave time in between your treatments for relaxation. Rushing about from appointment to appointment is not the best way to chill!

Deny yourself a sleep if you feel like it - closing your eyes and drifting away every now and then will be sure to recharge your batteries - that's why you are here at Ragdale! 

Worry about asking for advice or assistance if you are not sure about anything to do with your treatments - our staff are here to help.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact our Treatments Advice Line on 01664 433043.

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