Ragdale Hall celebrates with top achieving therapists

Jan 29, 2014
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The Beauty Team have recently held their annual Therapist Achievement Awards ceremony for 2013.

With over 130 therapists employed and standards of training, professionalism and ‘best practise’, setting the benchmark for the whole industry, these awards are contested with enthusiasm and a high level of healthy competitive spirit.

The gathering was lead by Senior Treatments Managers, Zoe Heightley and Hannah Farrell-Wall, and celebrated commitment, professionalism and above all recognition by Ragdale’s guests.

beauty supervisors 2013

Ragdale Hall’s senior treatments team


Therapists awarded for their outstanding attendance over the last year:


Jon Jarvis

Nicola Jakins
Bev Bonsor
Jon Jarvis
Rebecca Coyle
Rachel Lewan
Sharon Parr
Joyce Marie Go
Caroline Carlisle



And therapists who have received the most positive guest comments over the last year:

Eve gamble

Eve Gamble

Nursen Harshaw
Kelly Powell
Theresa Draper
Eve Gamble
Adrian Hunt


Theresa Draper Tropical Island

Theresa Draper in action

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