Put your best foot forward

Aug 24, 2017
Posted in: Fitness, Ragdale Hall News   Posted by: Tracy Lawrence

Did you know that September is the recommended month to start training for the London Marathon?

Why not put your best foot forward and join us for our September Running Break for Beginners, who knows it might even inspire you to start training for the London Marathon or bring out your inner Mo Farah?

There are many great benefits to running, so rather than thinking of it as counting steps or tracking your distance, see it as a fun way to burn some calories and improve fitness. Dean Hodgkin, Ragdale Hall’s Fitness Consultant, told us to concentrate on the way exercise can make you feel, he said that you often feel calmer after a workout and it can help stimulate your creativity.

Dean added: “If you run with a friend you will feel more committed to your workout schedule because you don’t want to let them down. They can also provide a pat on the back when you put in that extra work and they are an understanding voice to push you on. And let’s not forget, they encourage a bit of light hearted competition, so all of these things are positive influences”.


How about taking a break from the tedious treadmill and exploring the great outdoors? Exercising in the fresh air is more motivating and revitalising and, as a runner, you’ll feel less anxious and tired than when you exercise indoors. Don’t forget, the best thing about running is that you can find a small victory in just getting out the door and returning home sweaty.

Our two-night Running Break will be led by Michelle Read, a highly experienced running instructor.  The break will introduce you to all the benefits of running and will put you on the right path to a healthier version of you. You will be able to run with a small group of like-minded guests along some beautiful routes in the Leicester countryside, while developing your techniques with Michelle’s guidance.

For more information on our Running Break visit here.