Information for disabled guests and those with reduced mobility

We welcome disabled guests and those guests who for whatever reason, have reduced or limited mobility at the time of their visit. We are confident that everyone can benefit enormously from our impressive facilities and high standard of caring service. We provide the following facilities and services for your comfort:-

Arrival and Departure

  • Disabled car parking spaces close to the main entrance
  • Car parking service
  • No height restrictions to the car park
  • Flat level, double entrance doors
  • Porter assistance with luggage
  • Staff to assist with the registration process
  • Individual tour of the Hall

Travel around the Hall

  • Provision of a wheelchair (please note that a wheelchair is available for emergency use only. If you are generally reliant on the use of a wheelchair, we ask that you bring your own)
  • Ramps to avoid having to tackle steps
  • Flat level, double door access to spa, treatments and fitness areas
  • Lift to bedrooms (please note, due to the age of the building, we have no ground floor bedrooms)
  • Wide staircases and corridors in most parts of the building with handrails where appropriate
  • Firm external pathways, no gravel


  • Adapted disabled bedroom available with wet room showering facilities
  • A “disabled friendly” room incorporating many modifications, including horizontal and vertical grab rails for use within the bath, and next to the toilet
  • Both bedrooms are suitable for wheelchair use including a large turning circle in the bedroom, lower level light switches, lower vanity unit and mirror
  • Both bedrooms are adjacent to the lift, and close to an emergency refuge on the staircase
  • Both bedrooms are fitted with emergency alarms within the bedroom and bathroom
  • “Deafguard” vibrating pad available on request, to alert guests of a fire alarm
  • Specific fire procedures for disabled guests, including use of an evac-chair
  • Mobility aids available on request include bath board, bath seat, bath step, raised toilet seat and portable grab rail
  • Breakfast delivered to your room every morning

Bathing and Changing

  • Private changing cubicles within changing rooms
  • Changing room, shower and toilet facilities designed for wheelchair access.
  • Bath board, bath seat available on request

Spa Area

  • Most heat experience rooms accessible by wheelchair
  • Space to leave wheelchair immediately outside most facilities
  • Various seating provided at convenient height to easily transfer from a wheelchair
  • Handrails and shallow steps for pools entry and egress, although please note we do not have a hoist
  • Disabled lift access to Rooftop Pool and Lounge facility. Disabled toilet within this facility


  • We will read menus at mealtimes and assist in collecting items from the buffet at lunchtime if required
  • Many of our treatments can be adapted to the individual
  • Treatment room available with Adapted showering facilities
  • Specifically prescribed exercise advice can be obtained from our fitness instructors

Please note, however, we are unable to provide one-to-one mobility assistance within bedrooms, treatment rooms and swimming pools or generally around the Hall. As our staff are not trained medical practitioners, nor are they able to lift guests, we advise you to consider being accompanied by someone who can help you to make the best use of our facilities, in addition to enjoying using them.

Finally, we are conscious that because of its age and size the building is not the most disabled-friendly, thus we encourage you to contact us if you have any specific requirements to allow us to offer help and advice for you to plan your visit.