Your guide to taking a mindful walk

Apr 14, 2020
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A mindful walk is an excellent way to clear your mind of clutter and restore your sense of focus. It can also help create feelings of wellbeing, encourage better sleep, improve mood and manage stress.

This blog will help guide you through your first mindful walking session at home. Why not make one of your daily/weekly walks a mindful one? 

Before you begin your meditation, find a quiet space to walk. It could be outdoors, but it could also be in a hallway, or even a large room, walking back and forth.

Incorporate mindful walking into your daily life in as little as 5-10 minutes a day by using all of your senses — sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch — to bring awareness to your body and surroundings.

The trick is in the name – just be mindful of what you are doing, so you can begin to live in the present moment. 

Lady running in trainers

Here’s how to do it:

As you walk, notice how your body feels. How do your legs, feet and arms feel with each step you take? 

Feel the contact of your foot as it touches the ground, and the movement of your body from side-to-side as you move into your next step. 

Whatever else captures your attention, come back to the sensation of walking. Your mind will wander, so without frustration, guide it back again as many times as you need.

Now using your sense of sight, look around and try to notice every detail – colours, patterns and shapes.

Then, use your sense of smell to notice any aromas or scents. Are you able to notice any tastes as you walk? Can you taste the air? 

Now using your sense of touch. Perhaps it’s the feeling of warm sunshine, cool rain or a cold breeze. Perhaps it’s the sensation of the soles of the feet touching the ground with each step, or the weight of the arms swinging at your side. The intention is to simply acknowledge the sensations for thirty seconds or so, without feeling the need to get involved in thinking about the feelings.

With openness and curiosity, notice any sensations, thoughts or feelings that arise, without lingering on anything in particular.

2 responses to “Your guide to taking a mindful walk”

  1. Kerry Gamble says:

    I was intrigued and delighted about what was written which I am going to start today. I work in the NHS Mental Health Service and although I know all about what you have written even I forget to practice this when walking as we all must remember to be mindful to maintain good mental health and wellness.

  2. Jayne says:

    I have been walking round my village most days since ‘ lock-down ‘ I will go out tomorrow and try putting your suggestions into my forty minute walk. Hopefully, if I get my booking at the end of June, I’ll be able to let you know how my walking helps. Thanks for the tips.

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