Nordic Walking – it can be enjoyed anywhere! Part 3

Apr 06, 2018
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As we leave behind what has been a somewhat damp Easter (for many of us, anyway!), we were lucky enough to catch up Caroline Fisher of Nordic Walking UK this week who brought us up-to-date with everything she has been up to in preparation for our two-night Nordic Walking Break (10th – 12th May 2018) – including celebrating a very special birthday!

Caroline writes, “The weather in Saddleworth over Easter weekend was a little challenging. It’s quite hilly up in these parts, so it’s always a nice change for me to come to Ragdale and enjoy the rolling fields and far-reaching views.

“The best thing about Nordic Walking is that it can be enjoyed pretty much anywhere. So whichever part of the country you’re from, this break will give you a flying start to take part in this great form of exercise. Why not search the internet for your nearest Nordic Walking UK group, so you can join them after your course at Ragdale?! Of course, if you are from Saddleworth or the surrounding area, you can join our lovely group and, like all our groups around the country, you will receive a very warm welcome.

“I also recently reached a milestone birthday – 50. What did I do on my birthday? Nordic Walk of course! It was so lovely to get out with my group and enjoy the fresh air and know that this is something, God-willing, I will be doing for many years to come. Not only is it my job but it is also a great love of mine – I know I’m incredibly lucky.

“I look forward to meeting all the participants at Ragdale this year and introducing them to something that genuinely can change their lives. I’m also looking forward to treating myself to a dip in the new rooftop pool!”

Improve your fitness on our Nordic Walking Break – Beginner or Intermediate level – featuring Nordic Walking UK techniques. 

We are offering two levels of Nordic Walking Break, both led by Caroline Fisher of Nordic Walking UK. Caroline is a highly experienced Nordic Walking UK team member who delivers NWUK’s bespoke 4-Gear Programme and issues the NWUK Passport. She runs a highly regarded group in the North West and has featured in Great Outdoors magazine. Caroline led the previous Fitness Walking Breaks at Ragdale in 2016 and 2017.

The Beginners’ Nordic Walking Break is suitable for those who are new to walking for fitness, as well as those already committed but who wish to learn new techniques to make walking more effective, and more fun! During this break you’ll be offered varied sessions and techniques and, as an added benefit, you will work your way through the Nordic Walking 4-Gear Programme and go away with a Nordic Walking Freedom Passport. This will then enable you to join walks and events throughout the country organised by Nordic Walking UK, and access other membership benefits and discounts.

The Intermediate Nordic Walking Break is for those walkers who have already gained the Nordic Walking Freedom Passport with Nordic Walking UK and so have some knowledge of walking techniques. Building on this knowledge, Caroline will work with you to develop your technique further and take you to a more advanced level.

Please advise our Reservations team which level of Nordic Walking Break you would like to attend at the time of booking (remember, you must have your Freedom Passport from Nordic Walking UK if you wish to book onto the Intermediate level.)

All the activity sessions and presentations will be exclusive to those guests on the Nordic Walking Breaks. They are of course mainly outdoor sessions, so please bring enough suitable clothing and footwear for the unpredictable English weather! Poles will be provided during the sessions – or you are welcome to bring your own if you have them.

As well as the special sessions, you will have plenty of time to enjoy Ragdale’s spa facilities and pools – including the new rooftop pool. You can also join other classes on our varied fitness and relaxation timetable. Ragdale is all about ‘me-time’ and relaxation, so you can be as active as you like – or just relax with a book between sessions in one of our beautiful lounges.

For further information and to book, call us on 01664 433000. We hope to see you soon – poles at the ready!

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