Is it time you gave yourself a digital detox?

Apr 15, 2021
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Although a lifeline to the outside world at the moment, sometimes, constantly looking at our mobile phones or tablet devices can cause us more harm than good.

You’ve probably heard of the phrase ‘digital detox’ before. A digital detox is where we make a commitment to ourselves to spend time away from digital devices such as mobile phones, TVs, tablets, laptops, etc – whether it’s just for an evening, a whole day or even a week. As part of Stress Awareness month, we are taking a closer look at how a digital detox could benefit your life.

Guest taking time out for herself in the Ragdale Hall gardens

Finding balance again

We’ve all done it – picked up a work email late at night or scrolled through social media ­– and found ourselves drawn back into the digital world. Suddenly, an hour has gone by and we haven’t really gained anything from it, and in fact, this mindless scrolling can actually negatively impact our health.

Technology can be quite amazing at times, but this constant sense of connectivity can be linked to increased stress levels, making it especially difficult to fully ‘switch off’ from work, or other things such as social comparison. By disconnecting even for an evening, you will give yourself space to rest and recharge. If that isn’t possible, or for instance, you want to listen to a playlist on your phone while you’re exercising, then just set your phone to airplane mode to ensure you are free from distractions. Or even better – try going for a mindful walk free from all technology: what can you see, hear, smell? Establish your own boundaries, and your future self will thank you.


Reconnecting with yourself and loved ones

Spending too much time staring at our screens can take us away from the reality of the present moment, and in turn, we can end up missing out on those magical little moments. Whether it’s just spending a mindful moment to reconnect with yourself to check in with how you’re feeling or having an evening catching up with your partner or friends free from distraction, embracing a digital detox can actually help you to feel more connected. (Ironic, right!)


Better sleep

Blue light exposure (from our mobile and tablets) can disrupt our body’s natural sleep/wake cycle, as the light signals to our brain that it’s daytime. Instead of scrolling through social media before bed (or even in bed), swap your phone for a good book, do some gentle stretches, or even meditate. If you struggle with sleep, we share our top tips on establishing a bedtime ritual, here.


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