The Importance of Friendship for Relaxation

Oct 29, 2013
Posted in: Spa Offers, Well-being   Posted by: Tracy

Friends – whether you’re out for a quick cup of coffee, watching a film together or simply catching up over the phone, having a friend to keep you company and share those special moments is a guaranteed way to relax and enjoy yourself.

We react differently around our friends, don’t we? Everything feels just that little bit more comfortable – and the older the friend, the more at ease you feel, the more in-jokes you have and the more you know about each other.

To meet up with a great friend is to meet a rhythm that pulses to the exact same beat as you, simpatico. They’re the place where you go for comfort, fun, confidences and, most importantly, love.

It’s a fact that a strong support network of friends and family is a great stress reliever in children and adults alike. According to Science Daily, the chemical in the brain that causes stress, otherwise known as cortisol, is markedly lowered when a strong friend group is established amongst children. It’s a fascinating study that shows that when we spend time with our friends, we really are aiding our mental health.

Yet in amidst the busy buzz of work and other rushes of the day, it can be difficult to set a date with your friends when you’re both free. That’s why it’s good to come along to a spa like ours, where you can relax in a stress-free environment and enjoy yourself in good company.

Here at Ragdale Hall, we’re offering you the chance to spend some quality time with your friend, relative or partner for free. All you have to do is pay the single occupancy price for your room and your guest will go for nothing. After that, your friend can share your accommodation, enjoy all meals and try out our luxurious facilities for themselves, hopefully creating another cherished memory for both of you.


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