How can a part time job at Ragdale help you enhance your chosen career?

Nov 29, 2021
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Ragdale has provided the foundation for many of our team to truly excel in their careers – we caught up with law graduate Emma, who explains why she wouldn’t have achieved all she had today if it wasn’t for the opportunities Ragdale had given her along the way, and teacher, Megan, who explains how Ragdale gave her the skills and experience to excel.

Emma’s story: “Before joining Ragdale, I was very shy; striking up conversations with new people and guests was incredibly scary to me. My first role was as a receptionist, during which I was thrown into a situation of inevitably needing to face my fears, but with the support I received and the amount of time I was spending with guests, I surprised myself with how quickly I grew to love this element of my job, alongside working with my colleagues to solve problems.

As I made more friends at Ragdale and started to see guests return time and time again, I realised I had built rapports with people, which had been scary to me to begin with. This confidence gave me the starting point to push myself further by putting myself in uncomfortable situations with the knowledge that I will adapt, learn and grow. As my skills and knowledge of the Ragdale brand developed, I was able to move into other various roles including Voucher Sales, Reservations, Administration and even HR and Marketing, all of which demanded an ability to take initiative, resolve complex situations and talk to guests, third parties and colleagues of all levels of seniority.

One key takeaway from my experience is that I do not think I would be in the role I am in today, without having built key personal and professional skills at Ragdale. I had been studying a law degree at the same time, but didn’t believe I would take law any further, because the thought of going through the rigorous application process with multiple interviews associated with recruitment into law firms, was terrifying to me.

However, 1.5 years later, I have obtained a Masters degree in Legal Practice, and secured a role at a top 50 UK law firm in Nottingham as a Legal Assistant, with the view to being considered for a training contract to become a solicitor after 9 months (fingers crossed!). I will be forever grateful for my time at Ragdale (in respect of both my colleagues and my roles), for teaching me the fundamentals from which I am able to build my dream career in law!”


Megan’s story: “Ragdale Hall was my first ‘proper’ job at age 16 and I never thought I would stay as long as I did! I started as a shy, quiet ‘Sunday girl’ on Reception and left after 6 years, with so much more confidence and having gained my degree at University to become a Teacher. I worked through each of the school holidays having been given more hours and made some fantastic friends in the process. Ragdale gave me the experience of talking to new people every single shift, and thinking on my toes if a problem arose; both skills I use day-to-day now as a teacher. I also worked in the Admin department during some school holidays when needed and I enjoyed learning new skills in IT as well as meeting more people from other departments. One Christmas I also ended up working in Voucher Sales which I really enjoyed, except the constant Christmas songs on the radio from November haha! Working at Ragdale Hall gave me the experience and skills I never knew I needed and has definitely helped me in my career today. A huge bonus is that I also still see the Reception girls I made friends with all those years ago!”


Whether you’re looking for part-time or full-time work, Ragdale Hall can offer something for everyone. Our family is always growing so if you’re friendly and caring with masses of enthusiasm and you have a passion for providing unrivalled customer service then we really want to hear from you. Find out more about working at Ragdale and our current vacancies here.

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