Follow our guide to set your intentions for 2021

Jan 07, 2021
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January is typically the time when many of us will begin to think about the year ahead and set New Year’s Resolutions – a commitment to yourself, to change something about ourselves or our lifestyles. Especially since we all have a lot of time on our hands at the moment in lockdown 3.0.

But when was the last time you can truly say you managed to stick to and achieve your New Year’s resolution? If the answer is ‘I can’t remember‘, you’re not alone.

In this blog we weigh up the positives of setting an intention rather than a New Year’s resolution.

Intention VS Resolution

When we make a resolution, they’re often based on a statement to change something or achieve something – to lose weight, to run 5k or learn to play an instrument, for example – and are often born of negative thoughts and feelings we have towards ourselves. So, you can already begin to understand why that by the end of February (or January!) many of us begin to feel bad about failing and give up – “If I can’t run 5k by now, I’ll never be able to.”

Setting an intention is more focused on what you intend to accomplish through your actions, and a commitment to how you would like your journey to look. When you set an intention, your focus is in the moment allowing you to become more aware of thought and behaviour patterns which can be an incredibly powerful tool in helping achieve your goals.

How to set your intentions for 2021

1.Make a list

Think about what brings you the greatest satisfaction, joy and energy in life. In a notebook write down all the things you are passionate about, and what fills you with a sense of purpose.

2. Make your mantra

Think of a short phrase or mantra which incorporates some of the things you have written down. If your intention is to eat healthy and in turn lose weight, rather than set your goal as weight loss, you can write ‘practise self-care in my everyday life”.

3. Make a commitment

You may wish to share your list with close friends or family, or upload to social media or a blog to help demonstrate your commitment to your intention. By sharing your intention with friends or loved ones, you’re also building a foundation of support for those days when you might veer off track.

4.Bring your intentions into everyday life

The more you remind yourself of your mantra, the easier you will find it to naturally stay present in the moment and stay focused on achieving your intention. Try placing little reminders around the home which remind you of each intention you have set for yourself. It could be a photo, an item of clothing or your mantra written out on a piece of paper.

5.Rest, repeat and carry on

The first thing you will utter to yourself every morning is your mantra – this is really important. Keep your notebook by your bed if you need to, as a reminder. Once you’ve said it out loud to yourself, you can simply forget about it. We don’t want to become consumed by our thoughts, but more so notice them, accept them and move on. By

Don’t forget, there’s no harm in setting a resolution and working towards that goal, but this year why not release yourself from the pressure or achieving a set goal and see how setting an intention can make a difference to you?


We’ve also listed some intentions below, which may help guide you towards achieving a positive you in 2021: 

  • I will drink enough water today.
  • I will not shy away from trying difficult things.
  • I intend to do my best today to achieve the goals I have set for myself.
  • I will believe I am beautiful and I accept my flaws.
  • I will look for the positive side in negative situations.
  • I will try to find and recognise gratitude in my day today.
  • I am enough.

One response to “Follow our guide to set your intentions for 2021”

  1. Candy Cooley says:

    I have found writing out three things I’m grateful for everyday has really helped me stay positive this January. But instead of saying my goal is to write them at bedtime or get up 1/2 hour earlier. I’m giving myself the flexibility to do it whenever suits…much easier to not get disheartened. I’ve also just finished the 21 days to abundance with Deepak Chopra which was challenging but so valuable.

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