Raggles in retirement

Jan 23, 2015
Posted in: Ragdale Hall News   Posted by: Tracy

raggles retirementLots seems to have happened already in 2015 but the one thing most people seem to be talking about is the whereabouts of Raggles, Ragdale’s resident feline.

Usually a familiar face around our reception area, Raggles the cat has recently been conspicuous by her absence. She has in fact been a bit under the weather and over the last few weeks has received some treatment, throughout which she’s been looked after by dedicated members of Ragdale staff.

While we were hoping Raggles would soon be back to welcome new guests and purr at our many regular visitors, we’ve been advised by her vet that she’s ready for a more relaxed pace of life. So, Raggles has retired from active duty at Ragdale.

Rest assured, however, she’s certainly not left the Ragdale family – she’s now happily living with a member of the Ragdale team, Hugh Wilson – Hotel Operations Director, who’s reported she’s settled in very well (although does spend a lot of her time sleeping so we’re rather jealous!)

We hear she’s befriended the pig doorstop but is still working on mastering the cat flap, and she’s taken a liking to having her daily thyroid tablet on a small piece of cheese.

We’re sure many of our guests will miss making a fuss of and being fussed by Raggles, but know you’ll all agree she’s earned her retirement and will hopefully have a long and happy one!

Raggles settling into new home