Lights, camera, action…

Jun 30, 2016
Posted in: Ragdale Hall News   Posted by: Tracy
LivingTV filming2We’ve been busy at the Hall over the last couple of days with lots of our staff (and some guests too) being filmed for a video all about working at Ragdale!
The Living.TV team (a.k.a. the film crew) have done an amazing job; keeping the peace in guest areas, encouraging those staff members with speaking parts, sticking to a tight schedule, not to mention carrying their heavy equipment from Reception to the Verandah to Fitness to the spa…and then back again (they might have known some kind of workout would be involved in their trip to Ragdale!)

Thank you to all those guests staying with us or visiting for the day, who were here whilst filming took place.  You were most likely intercepted at a doorway at some point, and asked to be quiet whilst shooting was taking place – it wouldn’t have been as easy as it was without your understanding.  

It was great to have so many of you come and chat to us with a genuine interest in what the filming was for and as soon as ‘staff’ were mentioned, lots of eyes lit up and you were quickly telling us how great you think the staff are and how friendly and helpful everyone is.  One guest even asked if our staff have special training to make them so nice?!  

Finally, thank you to all the staff featured in the video; you all looked great, remembered your lines and provided us with lots of TV bloopers!!  
The purpose of the video is to show potential employees how great it is to work at Ragdale and encourage them to join the team.  The editing of the video will take place over the next couple of weeks so if you’re interested in working at Ragdale or know anyone else that might be, please watch this space…

Living TV filming3
Living TV filming1