How far would you travel to visit Ragdale Hall?

Sep 09, 2015
Posted in: Featured, Ragdale Hall News   Posted by: Tracy Lawrence

We’re often amazed and humbled at just how far some of our guests travel to visit us.  A letter from a guest who travels to Ragdale Hall from Singapore to meet up with her daughters, who are both from Ireland, sent us on a quest to find out exactly who does travel furthest to visit.

Rachel and Dave St helena

Here’s Rachel and Dave her husband standing on the Wharf of the James Bay harbour. The tiny ship in the background is the RMS St Helena – the islands lifeline and Rachel’s ride ride to Cape Town.

After reaching out to our e-newsletter subscribers, Rachel Cornall, a regular guest with 15 visits, contacted us.  Rachel is currently living on St Helena Island in the South Atlantic with her husband!

Although, as the crow flies, her journey is not as far as some of our guests travel, it is certainly more tortuous and epic.

In her words “St Helena is the second most remote inhabited island in the world and does not have an airport (yet).  To get to Ragdale Hall we will have to first sail 1,700 miles over five days to Cape Town.  After an overnight stay (to allow for any weather delays at sea), we will then fly 6,022 miles to Heathrow.  The journey up to Leicestershire is then a short hop (117 miles)”.  Rachel and her husband are actually booked to visit in October this year (her 15th visit) with their two daughters (one of whom is flying in from New Zealand to join them) and a friend.

Our thanks (and amazing amount of respect) go out to all those who took the time to contact us.  Incredibly, we have several guests who make the regular 11,300 mile journey from New Zealand, as well as others from Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand.  We heard from guests who travel from Canada, Texas and California as well as another South Atlantic resident from the Falkland Islands!

What an amazing thought that with email, internet and air travel, the world is a much smaller place!