David – Senior Wellness Therapist

Way back in the 60s and 70s when Ragdale was a Country Club, my family spent our summer days here relaxing by the pool. I never dreamt that I would work here all these years later.

April 2000 saw me starting as a massage therapist, gradually working towards becoming a well established member of the wellness massage team.

I have seen many changes at Ragdale especially the popularity of wellness therapies.

I studied Reiki and went onto become a Reiki master. Reiki is a Japanese word meaning ‘Universal Life Energy’. It opens the mind to the causes of disease and pain, reinforces the body’s ability to heal itself, stress is released and there is a feeling of deep relaxation.

I am committed to wellness therapies having seen their results over the years. This has given me a great passion for delivering excellent treatments and a high level of customer service. I went on to study La Stone Therapy.

Why not try some of my favourite treatments………you will be amazed with the results!

La Stone Therapy – Heated basalt lava stones and cold marble stones are used to massage the body, creating a feeling of warmth and comfort. A deeply relaxing and totally indulgent experience.

Reiki is a Japanese word representing Universal Life Energy (Rei = universal, Ki = life force energy which flows through all living beings). It opens the mind to the causes of disease and pain and reinforces the body’s ability to heal itself. It supports and enhances all medical or complementary treatments. A Reiki treatment is a hands-on treatment; the person receiving Reiki lies fully clothed while the practitioner’s hands rest gently over various areas of the body for a few minutes at a time in each position. It is a safe and re-assuring treatment – stress is released and there is a feeling of deep relaxation.

Here is what some of my clients have to say about me:

“Don’t ever let this man leave Ragdale, it would be a great loss.  David really knows his job and is very good at it.  He left me feeling wonderful.  The spooky thing about my session was that after working on me, he told me exactly where I knew I had problems.”

“I have had an amazing Reiki treatment from David today.  He has worked on so many levels and has given me both physical, spiritual and emotional healing.  He is a brilliant healer and a lovely person with a big heart – Thank you.”

“I must thank David as during the Spirit of the Stones treatment I had with him, I mentioned a thigh strain I had.  david paid more attention to this area during the treatment and the next day the strain was hardly noticeable.”

“A 15-year Ragdale veteran, he’s the gentle giant who has stolen fire and ice from the gods. There’s nothing in the Seven Kingdoms (okay, a gratuitous Game Of Thrones nod) to rival his skills.

“After you’ve been massaged with coconut and citrus oil, Dave works smooth hot and cold stones, rather than his hands, along your muscles.”

“The effect is extraordinary. It’s like having a deep tissue massage without the bruises. You can forget no pain, no gain.

“I’m told that the effect lasts a full 48 hours, rather than the 24 hours you might feel the benefit of a deep tissue bout. Over the weekend I’m at Ragdale, time proves the claim spot-on.”

“A truly amazing treatment. Very relaxing. David was very god and was a pleasure to talk to. Thank you 😊”

“Absolutely fantastic treatment, what a talented and interesting man. Legs feel wonderful now! Highly recommend.”

“David worked magic on my sore legs and ankles- he’s a diamond! Amazing treatment with a star.”

“Sole sensation was the best treatment I have ever had. Lonely room, music, all perfect hot and cold stones- brilliant- what a mastered practitioner you are. Highly recommend!”