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Olaplex Hair Treatment Add On

Treatment Time: 25 minutes   Price: £19

This patented active ingredient works to rebuild broken bonds in the hair caused by chemical, thermal and mechanical damage.  Olaplex can be applied on its own to restore compromised hair or added to your colour service to provide the ultimate breakage insurance.

Choose any of our colouring services below to add on our Olaplex Hair treatment:

Semi Permanent Colour (Short Hair)

Permanent Colour (Whole Head)

Permanent Colour (Roots)

Weaved Highlights – Whole Head (Short Hair)

Weaved Highlights – Whole Head (Long Hair)

Weaved Highlights- Top Section (Short Hair)

Weaved Highlights – Top Section (Long Hair)

Please note a Olaplex Hair treatment will add 25 minutes onto your chosen colouring service.

Contra Indications
Heart or circulatory disorders
Restricted mobility
BBack problems or have had operations
mdPrescribed any medication by your doctor
AAn allergic disposition or have known allergies to food stuffs
PCurrently pregnant or within 6 weeks of birth or breastfeeding. (Some of the treatments which are safe during pregnancy should not be carried out during 0-12 weeks, please contact the Treatments Advice Line prior to booking for further details)
CDiagnosed as having cancer or are undergoing sessions of chemotherapy or radiotherapy
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Price: £19