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Colour Reading

Treatment Time: up to 40 minutes   Price: £44


Using the ancient art of colour reading with the date you were born, this treatment gives you an insight of the journey you’re on, explains the traits of your personality and what you are here to learn. A description of colours will be given to aid your wellbeing in your everyday life.

Find out about the theory and history behind Colour Reading by having a look at Jenifer’s handout. Or why not book a manicure or pedicure and have your nails painted in the colour you are recommended to use at home?

NB: This is not a colour image consultation, therefore we will not advise on colours which will compliment skin tone or wardrobe choices.
This treatment is conducted by a specialist practitioner and is subject to availability and therefore not available on all days of the week.

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Price: £44
“Colour Reading was fantastic! It was different from anything I've tried before and I would definitely repeat the experience”
Guest Review

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