Danielle Creations Detoxifying Foot Pads

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Cleanse and reduce the toxins in your body with Danielle Creations Detoxifying Foot Pads.

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Our feet are an important part of our overall wellbeing. Often referred to as our second heart, our feet can help circulate fluids back up into our body, which can be inhibited by factors such as poor eating, sickness and other toxins.

The Danielle Creations Detoxifying Foot Pads work to remove these toxins from our feet using Bamboo vinegar extract. This extract has a strong absorption ability which draws out impurities and toxins from your body via your feet. When the Bamboo vinegar extract comes into contact with the moisture in your body, the pads will absorb the moisture, which leads to a colour change of the foot pads.

How to use:

Apply to clean, dry feet. Remove pads from the pouch and peel from paper. Apply the adhesive side of the pad to the bottom arch of each foot. Press the pad firmly onto the skin to ensure a secure fit and wear socks. Wear while sleeping, then remove and discard. Pads are usually dark and moist upon removal. Do not exceed 10 hours of use. Wash and dry feet after.


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