Ragdale Hall’s Unique Mind Gym….

Jul 05, 2011
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Renowned within the spa sector for our ability to constantly innovate, we took the recent popularity wave in brain training to a whole new level with our unique Mind Gym.

Located adjacent to the spa entrance, this is a must for your next visit, particularly if you find you forget things, maybe names, perhaps pin numbers or more usually where you left your keys. A little specific brain training will not only help to overcome these minor inconveniences but could also affect your concentration levels at work, thus improving your efficiency.

Our aim is to nourish you in both body and mind, so this exciting facility is a natural progression for us, sitting perfectly alongside our extensive fitness sessions and unrivalled range of unique treatment therapies.

The eclectic design of the room incorporates quirky furniture in vibrant colours, promising an attack on your senses from the moment you enter the area. Hand-held computers, space-age toys, a wide spectrum of physical puzzles and a library of books will test your logic, challenge your problem-solving skills and so push your brain to greater efficiency.

We have created an environment where you can lose yourself for a while in concentrated thought, flexing your brain cells a little, but above all having fun. If you really do wish to age-proof yourself, don’t just try to look and feel younger, you can now actually think younger!

Unleash the power of your mind!!

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