What's on your Christmas list this year?

Now is the time to start planting the seed with your loved one for what you would like in your stocking this year ... ... and  it could even please him too. 

Read the review below that recently appeared on TripAdvisor - it certainly made us smile!

"What a GREAT DAY and I never even went myself"

"This is a review for the guys out there. My partner and her friend/friends go to Ragdale Hall every year. She always thoroughly enjoys herself, but more to the point, so do I! A whole day to being dragged round the shops and no being given DIY jobs around the house. Just complete freedom. She is just so nice to me when I give her another Spa day voucher. YES! Every time I want a day out with the guys, I just get her another voucher and pack her off with an 'enjoy your day darling'. Anyway, enough about me and my enjoyment. Seriously though, she has a fantastic day there, whether with friends or just on her own. I think the reputation Ragdale has speaks for itself, which is why it is one of the top, if not the best spa location in the country. So guys, give the Mrs a treat and enjoy yourself into the bargain!"  jacklevel (TripAdvisor reviewer)

Our website voucher offer starts on 14th November so make a note to check it out and you could also receive a complimentary £25 treatment voucher* with your vouchers on Christmas Day.

*Terms & conditions apply. 

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