Mind over matter?

Apr 20, 2009
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Are you worried about losing your mind – be it through exhaustion, stress or simply the relentless passage of time? You’re not alone. Indeed these days, obsessing about one’s “little grey cells” has long since ceased to be the preserve of the legendary Hercule Poirot.

The bad news is that the human brain starts slowing down as early as age 30, but the good news is that you can speed it up again and improve even your most basic cognitive abilities at any age. Hence the current high demand for activities geared to keeping the mind healthy and active, such as brain training and mind gym.

With over half a million people in the UK currently affected by Alzheimer’s and this figure looking set to increase as the baby boom generation reaches retirement age, the prospect of severe memory loss is one that terrifies many of us.

With nutrition, exercise and lifestyle all contributing towards a healthy mind, public awareness of the benefits – indeed the necessity – of taking “time out” and focussing on body and mind for few days has soared.

But finding peace and quiet, and an opportunity to focus on one’s physical and mental wellbeing, is by no means easy in our frenetic modern world. So the quest for professionally organised cerebral stimulation as part of an overall wellness regime has led to increasing numbers of UK residents booking in for health spa holidays.

Managers of spa hotels in the UK have quickly tuned into the concerns of their customers, with the result that alongside the customary gym sessions and exercise classes, spas are now offering an alternative range of fitness programmes such as Brain Circuit, a form of mind gym.

Leading spa health and fitness consultant Dean Hodgkin explains: “Beyond the minor hassles of forgetting names, pin numbers or where we left our keys, the current wave of brain training can seriously slow the ageing process, significantly reducing the risk of dementia, including Alzheimer’s.”

Sounds like time spent in a mind gym, putting our little grey cells through their paces, may be time well spent…

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