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Aug 26, 2010
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The recent news that Brain of Britain host Robert Robinson is to quit the quiz show after a mind-boggling 30 years will no doubt disappoint the many aficionados of the BBC’s long-running radio show. And make no mistake: there are thousands of devoted quiz fans the length and breadth of Britain.

Brain training in various shapes and forms is enjoying increasing popularity these days, fuelled no doubt by regular reports in the press about the potential long-term benefits of keeping your brain active.

One consequence of this upsurge in interest in matters cerebral is that one of the UK’s leading spas now lists “mind gym” amongst the activities available to their guests.

Dean Hodgkin, an international fitness presenter and health and fitness consultant to leading health spa Ragdale Hall, explains: “We’ve always tried to make our guests aware of how important it is to exercise the body, because muscle and bone deteriorate with age, which can lead to injury and illness in later life.”

He adds: “Since we aim to nourish our guests in both mind and body, Ragdale’s Mind Gym is a natural progression, the perfect complement to our full range of fitness sessions and unique treatment therapies.”

Ragdale Hall’s Mind Gym is bright and quirky, with vibrantly coloured furniture stimulating the senses from the moment you set foot inside. Your logic will be put through its paces using a range of hand-held computers, a selection of space-age toys, a wide spectrum of physical puzzles and a library of books.

As Dean says, “Here at Ragdale, we’ve created an environment where you can immerse yourself in concentrated thought, give your brain cells a workout, and have some fun at the same time. If you want to age-proof yourself, don’t just try to look and feel younger – think younger too!”

So whether you tackle the Times crossword daily or play scrabble with your nearest and dearest, you’re sure to reap the dividends of keeping your brain active to a ripe old age. All those years of quizzing certainly haven’t done razor-sharp Mr Robinson any harm – he’s eighty-two!

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