Yoga spa breaks – a new decade, a “one-derful” new you

Dec 25, 2009
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Have you made up your mind yet? What about? Given the time of year, I’m surprised you even need to ask. What your New Year’s resolution is going to be, of course! You know, that critical change in your personal paradigm that’s going to transform your life in the fast-approaching new decade, the “one-ders”.

Historically, New Year’s resolutions have had a tendency to verge on extremism – ridiculously rigid calorie-control diets, fanatical exercise regimes involving two hours of torture eight days a week, ill-fated vows to visit your most irritating relatives more frequently than is good for your health (and possibly theirs)…

The list of potential post-festive, self-induced punishments is long and riddled with possible reasons for imminent, and justifiable, abandonment.

The strange thing is that we very rarely resolve to do anything that is a) sustainable and b) pleasant! So, this year, why not opt for a resolution that could deliver on both counts: take up yoga.

Now before you snigger to yourself too loudly, just pause and reflect for a moment. After all, over the years, yoga has a lot of famous practitioners.

The Beatles are often credited with bringing it to the west, and since then countless stars – including Sting and Madonna – have become converts to this gentle yet incredibly beneficial form of physical exercise. Jennifer Aniston is even quoted as saying that it changed her life.

So what’s stopping you? Worried you won’t like it? Anxious that your friends might mock your new hobby?

For anyone genuinely concerned about whether they’ll enjoy yoga, a good time to try out this much misunderstood activity is on spa breaks.  These precious days of genuine “time out” offer the perfect opportunity to try out new experiences – far from the gaze of family or friends if you so wish.

Moreover, spa breaks help you to get the most from your yoga experience, since it helps to be as relaxed as possible at the outset.  And after a few hours luxuriating in one of the UK’s leading spas, complete and utter relaxation will be a given. This will then allow you to focus solely on your breathing and posture – two yoga essentials.

A recent study revealed that, as well as helping with breathing and posture, practising yoga regularly may improve people’s eating habits and make it easier for them to maintain a healthy weight.

Apparently, the researchers in Seattle who carried out this study found that there was a link between yoga practitioners and “mindful eaters” – in other words, people who are more acutely aware of hunger and fullness and why they eat.

Unsurprisingly “mindful eaters” are less likely to become obese, as they tend not to comfort eat but rather only to eat when they’re actually hungry.

I have to confess that my attitude to yoga had always been rather ambivalent up until now. However, the prospect that it might help me eat less could just be the incentive I need to give it a try.  In fact, a spa break – complete with yoga classes – sounds like the perfect way to start 2010…

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