World Cup Wellbeing for Father’s Day

May 12, 2014
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Sunday 15th June 2014

Football and facials….not really two words that go together…until now that is!

Already #WorldCup has been used over 10 million times on twitter and it’s not even started yet.  If all this hype is causing your dad the early on-set of football fever, it’s time to step in and take care of his World Cup wellbeing.

This Father’s Day coincides with three World Cup games and to show you really care and thank him for all he does for you, follow the simple rules below (they’re a lot easier than the off-side rule so don’t panic):

  1. Save his Father’s Day present until half time
  2. Swot up on who’s playing to impress him
  3. Don’t do any DIY as he won’t be available to fix your bodged attempts
  4. Make sure if you need to go anywhere you have transport as dad’s taxi will not be available
  5. If there’s a spider in the house, stay calm, and put a cup over it for now

Father’s Day is for celebrating the male role models in our lives so this year, let him celebrate his.  You wouldn’t deny him a day of back to back footie games on the one day of the year that is dedicated solely to him…would you?

And when it’s all over, we have the perfect way to help your dad lower those World Cup stress levels and restore calm to his body and mind – check out our Three Night Time For Me package ‘Just For Him’

Our wide range of Men’s treatments will help your dad recuperate and cure his football fever, at least until Euro 2016 anyway!

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