Workplace wellness – spa days can help cut stress

Jan 14, 2010
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A new study in the United States has shown that workplace wellness programmes deliver major benefits for companies investing in them.

For example, they are a highly effective way of reducing the major risk factors for heart disease by encouraging workers to be pro-active in protecting their own health. This can be achieved through quitting smoking, eating healthily, reducing blood pressure and taking steps to avoid diabetes.

Mercedes Carnethon, assistant professor of preventive medicine at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, explained: “Research in the US has shown that companies can save between $3-15 for every $1 spent on health and wellness within 12-18 months of implementing a workplace wellness programme.”

She added: “Beyond cost savings and increased productivity, visionary employers are realising the value of an employee’s total health.”

It’s easy to understand why spending time in a spa environment would be beneficial to most people’s physical, mental and spiritual health. Far removed from the stresses, cares and pressures of the outside world, spa days offer a genuine escape: a chance to re-focus and re-energise, either alone or within a small group.

Here in the UK, top spa and health resorts are being approached by the HR departments of an increasing number of companies that have also identified the importance of looking after the long-term health of their staff.

As one leading spa expert explains: “Taking time out from your everyday life is really important – especially for working mums. In a world where we have to multitask continually, taking time for “me” is vital. A spa short break, enjoying relaxation, pampering treatments, good food, a little exercise and guiltless sleep, can give you a boost that’s equivalent to a week’s family holiday.”

With workplace absenteeism owing to stress and other health issues becoming a major cause for concern for the majority of employers, corporate spa packages look set to be a growing market in the future.

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