Wii three kings – in search of the perfect Christmas present

Nov 25, 2009
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If you’re looking for perfect Christmas presents for your family members, your choices will naturally depend on their age, interests and priorities.  And with the UK public resolved to curtail Christmas spending owing to the recent economic upheaval, value for money is going to be a high priority for everyone this year.

One family gift that is likely to attract its fair share of attention is the Nintendo Wii Fit Plus, which recently became the first-ever computer game to win approval from the Department of Health, entitling it to carry logos from the Change4Life campaign.

UK citizens are often lambasted in the press because of their “couch potato” mentality. Change4Life aims to motivate people of all ages to take more exercise and eat more healthily. A Department of Health spokeswoman praised the new Wii, saying:

“Active video games, where kids need to jump up and down or dance about as part of the game, are a great way to gets kids moving more.”

Sounds like a perfect Christmas present for the youngsters then.  But what about middle-aged and older members of the family?  It may well take a little more than all-singing, all-dancing computer graphics to motivate them off the couch, leaping around like spring lambs.

If you have a family member who you suspect should be taking more exercise – not to mention more care of their health – one way of introducing them to the benefits of exercising and healthy living is by packing them off to a spa for the weekend.

Short spa breaks make great Christmas gifts, being just long enough to provide a tantalising taste of the healthy lifestyle, and giving spa guests an opportunity to experience the pleasures of exercise – albeit gentle to start with!

Once they’ve spent a couple of days gliding through the balmy blue waters of a spa lagoon, strolling around the health resort’s grounds or mastering energetic aerobics moves, they’ll begin to love the warm feeling of well-being that comes from within if you’re eating, exercising and sleeping well.

So if you’re looking for a gift that’s “good value” – in every sense of the words – why not treat someone you care about to an experience that could change their lives for the better.

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