Why a pre-election pamper day would benefit Sam Cam and Co

Apr 20, 2010
Posted in: Well-being   Posted by: Beth

The lives of leading UK politician’s wives will undoubtedly be extremely stressful in the coming weeks, following the recent announcement of the date for the next General Election.  And none more so than Sam Cameron’s, with the additional happy news that she and Conservative leader husband David are expecting another child.

Sam Cam, as she has been referred to in the latest raft of headlines to grace the British newspapers, would be well advised to ensure that she schedules in some “me time” in the coming weeks – impossible as that may seem.  It’s certainly going to be a frenetic period for her at a time when she may already be tired.

What Sam would no doubt benefit from is an occasional oasis of calm amidst the hubbub of hustings and innumerable encounters with a host of people she may never set eyes on again in her life, yet whose combined vote may be vital in securing her husband his much longed for role at the head of the British government.

Of course, where on earth she might actually find such peace and tranquillity is quite another question…

Fortunately, however, there are rare places where it is still possible to escape from the outside world completely and experience total relaxation – and they’re called spas!

A pamper day can include your choice of treatments and activities, selected from an extensive range that caters to the needs of both body and soul.

If you’ve never been to a spa before, or not been for a while, you’re sure to be astonished by the myriad of different pamper options available at a modern, state-of-the-art health resort.

Whether you want to restore ragged nails to their former glory, rejuvenate tired skin and eyes, bask in the gloriously blue waters of the luxury spa pool or simply rest – and then rest some more … you can do all this and more during a pamper day at your local spa.

And if you’re more than three months into your pregnancy, you can take advantage of the special pampering packages that most leading UK spas offer mums-to-be, to help them de-stress and adjust to the gradual changes in their body and mood.

There are numerous soothing, gentle treatments which lend themselves perfectly to pregnant mums, including relaxing facials and a range of pampering hand and foot therapies.

A pamper day in the hallowed environment of the spa sanctuary offers mums-to-be – and indeed any mother! – the perfect chance for some precious time out, well away from the pressures of work, the demands of toddlers… or stressed, speech-writing husbands.

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