When the swine flu’s flown, it’s time for some pampering

Sep 01, 2009
Posted in: Health & Beauty   Posted by: Beth

If you’re one of the thousands of inhabitants of the UK who have been unlucky enough to fall prey to swine flu in the past couple of months, you may still be feeling somewhat under the weather – even though you’ve long since been pronounced a completely germ-free zone.

Chances are that although you’ve stoically shrugged off the various unpleasant symptoms and successfully dispatched the pernicious pig lurgy, now you could benefit big-time from a few days of rest and recuperation.

Indeed a little tender loving care is almost certainly precisely what the doctor would order when it comes to restoring your energy after the exertions of fighting off a rather unpleasant and virulent viral visitor. So where can you find a list of the top purveyors of pampering in the UK?

Well, as is so often the case when you’re looking for anything these days, the Internet is a great place to start searching for the spa of your dreams.  A visit to the website of any leading UK health resort will quickly apprise you of the multifarious spa and beauty treatments available at these luxurious centres of pampering.

If you’re utterly exhausted in the aftermath of your period of ill health and don’t feel up to being too active during your restorative spa break, then you can easily stick to less energetic options – such as a soothing, relaxing massage, a pampering facial or a refreshing sauna and swim.

As you glide smoothly through the serene blue waters of a lagoon pool or relax while a trained professional gives your shoulders and neck a gentle massage, the worries and cares of life outside in the real world will seem like a distant memory and your body will be able to focus on restoring its strength.

It is this element of escapism that allows spa-goers to focus exclusively on what really matters – ie their own wellness – rather than on the demands made continuously by family, friends, employers or colleagues.

And while concentrating solely on your own wellbeing, as opposed to having your resources drained by outside people and influences, you can benefit from a myriad of beauty and spa treatments to help build up your energy.  What a pleasurable way to give your immune system a much-needed boost in that tiring post-viral period.

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