Wendy’s 20 year record

Dec 16, 2015
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Not only is Wendy from Ragdale’s Housekeeping Team celebrating 20 years’ service, but she’s also achieved a one hundred per cent attendance record. And because Wendy is one of the team who helps to ensure everything’s ready for breakfast in the morning – that’s particularly good news for a lot of our guests!

Wendy is a service room attendant, based in one of Ragdale’s four ‘service rooms’ where she prepares the breakfast trays for each guest’s room – so she’s responsible for around 45 breakfast trays.

She said: “I make sure all the basics are in place and later one of my colleagues will add the right crockery and extras dependent on what the guest has chosen for their breakfast the following morning. That means we’re ready to serve those guests in our area as soon as the food is delivered to us from the main kitchen each day. I also wash most of the breakfast pots – and there’s rather a lot!”

As for her one hundred per cent attendance record, Wendy puts this down to having a good ‘work/life balance’, saying: “The hours I’m able to work really suit me because I’m part-time and work over three set days each week. It’s nice to be part of the team at Ragdale but then I also have time to focus on other things outside work.”

Wendy worked at Ragdale briefly in the 70s before starting her family and re-joined in 1995 once her children were older (her daughter also worked part-time at Ragdale while she was studying).

She said: “Because I work mainly in one area, I might not go into some parts of the Hall very often. But whenever I do, it seems there’s always something new that’s been added, or improvements that have been made. That’s part of the reason Ragdale’s such a great place to work.”

In recognition of Wendy’s contribution to Ragdale Hall she will receive a bonus and a meal for two in the Hall’s Dining Room.

Interested in becoming part of the Ragdale Team? Find out more about working for us here

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