Spas – why the “s” words are so relaxing!

“S” is for summer, sunshine, sport, sipping (long cool drinks), sitting (down with a good book) and smiles (of sheer bliss).

Perhaps it’s no coincidence that “s” is also for spa, an idyllic place where all these elements combine to create the ultimate stress-free summer holiday in a haven far removed from the outside world. Here you can enjoy as much exercise as you’re comfortable with, then simply relax in the gardens or by the lagoon pool, with a serene smile on your face.

A summer getaway weekend at a spa will allow you to do all this – and a lot more besides……

Compare this idyllic scenario with stress of foreign holidays….airports, the Euro and all that packing!

Go to a spa this summer to be guaranteed a far more relaxing time and a much greener option than flying!

We are now offering a Summer Getaway Weekend Break – a great value break that’s packed full of indulgent pampering.

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