Why I love Chakra Silks

Jen and chakra silksIt is the use of colour and Reiki together that adds a different take on Reiki.

I love colour. I love the fact that it can have an instant affect on your mood, how sub-consciously you are drawn to certain colours that help balance your emotions, help with your healing and well-being.

During this treatment you lay on your back while the colours are placed on you one at a time.  I guide you through each Chakra asking you to release any worries or anxiety/stress you may have. Each Chakra Silks Treatment is personal to you, therefore, the power of word is very healing.  At the end of the treatment I use empowering words to remind you that you are your personal power and this will help you with your daily journey.

I would summarise this treatment as a beautiful, gentle treatment, yet enhancing your well-being in so many ways, bringing to you serenity and harmony.

By Jenifer

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