Benefits of Laughter Therapy

What better way to bring people together than laughing……

‘Laughter is the shortest distance between two people’ ~ Victor Borge

Laughing John has been presenting laughter nights at Ragdale Hall for 3 years now. His sessions are always very popular and a good laugh with our guests. John laughs professionally and does team building laughter workshops as well as lots of work with health groups.

Below is more information on what John offers at his laughter sessions/workshops and also why laughter is so important.

Laughter has been shown to have beneficial effects on various aspects of biochemistry. For example, laughter has been shown to lead to reductions in stress hormones and when laughing the brain also releases endorphins that can relieve some physical pain.

Laughter provides a real, lasting boost to communication, productivity, stress relief, team spirit and morale.

John offers various types of Laughter Therapy sessions for a wide range of scenarios, please contact him for details of what options may be best for you.

A Sample Laughter Therapy Session consists of:

some jokes – ice breakers to start

breath control

laughter yoga exercises

fun exercises

laughter meditation

…… everyone leaves feeling great at the end

With Laughter Therapy you’ll see and feel the difference!

Laughter provides a real, lasting boost to communication, productivity, stress relief, team spirit and morale and our laughter workshops aim to maximise the potential results.

As mentioned above, Laughing as part of a group is used as a mental signal for being part of a group and signals acceptance and positive interactions with others, something that is extremely important when working as part of a team.

Laughter therapy sessions are designed to relax and de-stress you in a supportive, positive atmosphere. Innovative laughter yoga exercises are combined with an uplifting mix of sound, movement, creativity and meditation.

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