We are moving into 2013, what’s next?

Jan 02, 2013
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Here are my tips on how to get the most out of 2013, using the ancient art of numerology.

Changes occur and flow like gentle rivers.  Years flow from one to another, bringing gentle changes and when we embrace these changes we too can go with the flow.  We too can experience the many seasons and grow and evolve.

2012 was a ‘5’ year and the colour blue, relating to change, expression and communication.  Many changes have occurred in this year.  At times it has been very challenging and upsetting, at other times there have been moments of great joy and happiness.   Almost like a huge tank entering a small village – some things that were no longer working break down and at the end we look at what is left standing and building upon that.

2013 it is a ‘6’ year and the colour indigo.  The main emphasis will be on relationships, family commitments and marriage.  The key word will be ‘harmony’.  Take responsibility for these areas and come together for the good of all.  Work together in healing, using wisdom to help others and yourself.  2013 will very much be the beginning of emotions and intuition – bringing these qualities forward more.  No longer is man an island but we are all connected.

Remember to put others needs before yours for when you do, your needs will be met too – but remembering the key is balance and harmony.


We will become more aware of diet and what foods are good for us as we move into 2013.


We must bring love and affection into any relationship in 2013, whether it is to heal, to release, to bond or to go deeper into commitment.  Love is the most powerful energy and in all we do, say and think.  I feel we will grow to understand the importance of this energy more and more in the coming years, but particularly in 2013.


A strong sense of duty and responsibility will be the driving force behind all we do, whatever the style or type of work we do.  When we focus on the sense of duty and responsibility not only do we grow together but we grow more spiritually along our paths.

The key words are creative, trusting and intuition and awakening our intuition and love.

Often I have written “we are spiritual beings having a human experience” and we are born with free will.  You may choose take on board the flow of energy for 2013 or not but trust that all that is meant to be will be.  Trust that we are watched over and very much loved.  Embrace 2013, let it free you to fly like an eagle, reaching for your dreams, touching the stars and moon and the light that shines like the sunshine within in you and illuminate your path once more.

Use the colour indigo and its complementary colour orange to help you on your path, to relax you, to open up to your emotions and creative flow.

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