Verandah Bar Extension Update

Dec 16, 2015
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The extension to the Verandah Bar is taking shape and is on schedule to be completed in early 2016.  The glass roof has now been fitted, which means the building is water tight so work to complete the internal area is in full swing.

The new floor, which is being laid this week, will be similar to that in the Garden Room and is being supplied by Karndean.  Beautiful natural ceiling blinds will be fitted in the glass roof, these are being supplied by Reynolds.   The area will be lit by two stunning handmade glass pendants in the soft pastel colours of the rest of the furnishings.

The feature wallpaper is in pale pink, green and ivory and these colours will feature throughout and will fit perfectly with the tongue and groove panelled walls of the existing area.

Once the building and landscaping contractors have completed their work, the new kitchen will be fitted out and a new bar installed.  The bar is currently being made by Nottinghamshire cabinet makers, Barrett and Swann (who have previously made the Garden Room Bar, Reception desks and buffet and service furniture in the Dining Room).  An eclectic mix of new lounging and dining furniture will be delivered in January.

Whilst the hard landscaping for the new terrace is being done by a specialist company, our own gardeners are making lists of plants, shrubs and hedging that need ordering and are extremely pleased with the beautiful paving which has already been laid.  Several ‘feature pieces’ are also being planned for the terrace which should make it a beautiful alfresco area to enjoy in the days and evenings to come.

If you’ve not been to visit recently you won’t have seen any of the building work so here’s a couple of pics to get you up to speed with how it’s looking now.

steel frame

terrace and building

room view

And if you’re more excited about how it’s going to look when it is complete, take a look at these beautiful fixtures, fittings, textiles and furniture our talented Interior Designer, Liz Millington has picked out…

collage two

Artichoke print from Trowbridge

Chairs by Vincent Sheppard

Wallpaper – Romo Pleasure Gardens

Verandah bar fabric and outdoor seating

15th December 2015

The internal hoarding which has been hiding the new extension as work’s been done is temporarily down so the building team can marry up the flooring in the original Verandah Bar with the new extension. We took the opportunity to have a peek at how it’s coming along and these new photos give you an idea of the scale of the extension.

VB from bar end

You can see the new glass doors which will open up onto the landscaped area – and you can also make out the new tongue and groove panels which have been fitted to maintain the feel of the Verandah Bar.

VB out into garden view

Keep checking back here for updates, which we’ll be able to do more often as the building team finishes and the interior starts to take shape.

23rd December 2015

Now that the builders and hard landscapers have completed their part of the work, we will be closing the existing temporary bar area on 4th January. This is to allow the new kitchen to be fitted out and for our team to complete the updates to the décor and lighting in the existing area and to install the new bar.  The new area is due to be fully completed and revealed to our guests in the middle of February.

14th January 2016

Here are some photos of how the new space is coming along, including this first section of the Romo Pleasure Gardens wallpaper.

VB wallpaper

This whole new glass section allows lots of natural light to come flooding in, and you can get an idea of the new outside space too, although there’s still lots of exciting features to be added here!

VB outdoor area

We also managed to have a look at the new kitchen area for the Verandah Bar which is now taking shape.

VB kitchen

This panoramic photo gives an idea of the size of the Verandah Bar now, and we’re looking forward to seeing the new bar/servery in situ, which will be to the left as seen below, very soon.

VB panoramic

5th February 2016

view to outside

The new lighting is now up and the colours in these glass shades complement the Romo Pleasure Gardens wallpaper.

The new furniture is starting to arrive…


Ragdale’s Head Gardener, Andrew, and his team have been working on hard on the new outdoor terrace and have made great progress, in spite of the wet and windy weather! The borders are being prepared for the Hornbeam hedging which will be planted soon.

Andrew at work

outside view

And we even found Ragdale’s Executive Head Chef, David, starting to get organised in the Verandah Bar’s new kitchen. His plans for the new menu in the Verandah Bar sound mouthwatering and we’ll let you know more once we know what’s made the final cut!


13 responses to “Verandah Bar Extension Update”

  1. Tracey Wiltshire says:

    I can’t wait to see the new verandah bar and terrace area. I hope it will be finished by mid February when I’m due to come to Ragdale.

  2. Gill Edwards says:

    Looks fantastic! I hope there’s going to be a pond! To be enjoyed in April when I’m back!!

    • Tracy says:

      Dear Gill, many thanks for your comment. There won’t be a pond outside the Verandah Bar but we are confident the outdoor area will be a fantastic space in which to dine and relax, with some additional features planned which we hope you, and all our guests, will love. Over the summer this year we have done a lot of work on the ponds in the garden area, which are visible from the Garden Room, pool and Pavilion areas. These have been extended and completely replanted, so we hope you’ll be able to enjoy this space more next time you visit.

  3. Linda Caldwell says:

    I was at ragdale in Oct with my Husband and 3 daughters and was very excited about the new bar roll on to our next visit carnt wait

  4. Julie FINCH says:

    I’ll be back in Jan so hoping its done by then but also hoping you’re keeping some of the old tables etc … it has a lovely ‘comfy kitchen’ feel which l love. X

    • Tracy says:

      Dear Julie, thank you for your comment. We may still be adding some of the finishing touches when you visit in January but the Verandah Bar will be open for you to enjoy. We are replacing the furniture but, rest assured, it will be a similar eclectic mix of styles, with comfortable furniture that will maintain the feel of the VB which we know our guests like.

  5. Annette Griffin says:

    My friend and I will be returning in March and can’t wait to see the new development. I’m sure it will be as tasteful and splendid as any of the previous improvements to Ragdale. The continuous and ongoing updating of facilities at the Hall are one of the many reasons we love to keep returning.

  6. Caroline H says:

    Can’t wait to see it. Was there in October and they were doing a really lovely job – had soft music to make up for the fact that Verandah Bar was not a full capacity – I do wish they will keep the music once all is finished – it was so lovely and relaxing. Can’t wait to see it – I coming mid February 2016.
    Have a lovely Christmas

  7. Julie Cooper says:

    Hi my friend and I will be coming to stay at Ragdale early January will there be any bar facilities then? Regards Julie

    • Tracy says:

      Hi Julie,
      thank you for getting in touch with us. The Verandah Bar will close on 4th January to enable the final stages of the kitchen to be completed, and it will reopen in mid-February. Bar services will still be available in the Garden Room as normal, and access to the Lounge and Retreat won’t be affected. We look forward to seeing you soon.

  8. Joy Townsend says:

    I saw the veranda bar works in November and visit again in 2 weeks time. Have kept up to date with the works via your photos. Will the bar be open by the 14th? It would be lovely if it opened during my visit. I usually miss unveilings. Any more photos available?

    • Tracy says:

      HI Joy, thank you for your comment. You will be pleased to hear we are on track for the Verandah Bar to re-open on 12th February. We will be adding some more images later this week so keep a look out!

  9. Hilary says:

    Hi I am visiting this Friday. Will I be able to get a sandwich in the Garden Room as it sounds like the Verandah Bar will be closed.

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