Tuck in with a clear conscience on weekends away

Apr 23, 2010
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With the jury still out on whether TV’s latest cookery guru, Sophie Dahl, is a serious chef or simply a delicious diversion, food is never far from the public attention.

As the gorgeous Sophie goes into raptures over recipes and gushes over ingredients, it’s oh so tempting to be lulled into the belief that you can indulge in the finest of fare to your heart’s desire and still look as good as she does.

But don’t be deceived! There’s little doubt that no matter how much she enjoys cooking and food, the former model herself must eat carefully and healthily to maintain her fabulously feminine and enviably svelte body.

But when we’re caught up in the minutiae of family and professional life – whether trying to silence yet another sibling squabble or meet a tight deadline set by a demanding boss – finding the time to plan and implement a healthy cooking regime might simply seem impossible.

That’s why it’s all the more important to ensure that when you do escape from the daily drudge on occasional weekends away, you make the most of this precious chance to boost your immune system and recharge your batteries.  And eating healthily will get you off to a good start on both fronts.

But with many modern holiday destinations apparently keen to encourage holidaymakers to (over)indulge in calorie-laden cuisine and consume excessive quantities of wine and beer, there’s a strong and growing demand for resorts that cater for tourists who adopt a healthier approach to holidaying.

Spas are a prime example of such establishments, offering guests a genuine “time-out”, far from the pressures and stresses of the modern word, whilst at the same time encapsulating the very best of modern technology in the pursuit of wellness.

In addition to a myriad of fabulous treatments with magical sounding names, spa weekends offer the chance to sample foods that are good for you, incorporated in an array tempting dishes.

This allows you to feast conscience-free on dishes such as succulent lamb with spiced couscous or chargrilled chicken with roasted squash salad, before rounding off your meal with a healthy helping of Atholl Brose.

Of course, the proof of the low-fat pudding is in the eating.  So if any spa sceptics still remain to be convinced of the benefits of a spa break, all they need to do is book a weekend away at one of the UK’s many luxury healthspas and see – or rather taste – for themselves.

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