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Relaxing Waterbed Massage

Aqua Massage Bed

Treatment Time: 20 minutes Price: £30

Float weightlessly into a truly relaxing experience which connects and engages the senses through movement, light and colour. The...

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Sound Healing

Treatment Time: 25 minutes Price: £43

This deeply relaxing treatment will bathe the body in sound. This immersive treatment begins with meditation and deep yoga breaths followed by...

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Access Bars

Treatment Time: 40 minutes Price: £55

A unique therapy where your therapist gently touches thirty-two points on your head. These points, known as Bars, store...

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Heavenly Holistic Facial

Treatment Time: 40 minutes Price: £57

A wonderful way to relax and promote a sense of wellbeing. This anti-ageing holistic facial uses the healing powers...

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Mind Body Memory – Vitamin and Mineral Imbalance Testing

Treatment Time: 50 minutes Price: £96

Do you need food supplements? Are you sure you are taking the right ones? Do they clash with your...

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Self Healing Massage

Treatment Time: 80 minutes Price: £102

For our bodies to begin to self-heal, we need to reduce our stress levels. By placing ourselves in a...

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