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Mind Body Memory – Vitamin and Mineral Imbalance Testing

Treatment Time: 50 minutes Price: £87

Do you need food supplements? Are you sure you are taking the right ones? Do they clash with your...

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Self Healing Massage

Treatment Time: 80 minutes Price: £93

For our bodies to begin to self-heal, we need to reduce our stress levels. By placing ourselves in a...

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ELEMIS Massage

ELEMIS Life Elixir Mindful Massage

Treatment Time: 90 minutes Price: £105

Tune into you with this deeply relaxing massage tailored entirely to your needs. Whether you seek to feel soothed,...

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Spa Find Destress and Detox Mud Wrap

Treatment Time: 55 minutes Price: £74

The next best thing to gaining all the therapeutic benefits of bathing in the Dead Sea. After a full...

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Clarins Wellbeing Beauty Sleep Massage

Treatment Time: 75 minutes Price: £81

A well-being massage that’s just like having a good night’s sleep. Feeling stressed, exhausted, lack of sleep? This head-to-toe...

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Clarins Skin Smoother

Clarins Signature Body Treatment

Treatment Time: 75 minutes Price: £85

This Signature Body treatment combines high-performing plant extracts with the power of Clarins touch and skilful massage. A highly...

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Lady relaxing after a treatment darkened

Sensory Journey

Treatment Time: 65 minutes Price: £75

CREATED BY RAGDALE As the chakras, mind and body are balanced, you will drift off to a place of...

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Treatment Time: 55 minutes Price: £70

Shiatsu is a traditional hands-on Japanese healing therapy. It can help in a wide range of conditions – from...

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reflexology spa treatment at Ragdale Hall Spa


Treatment Time: 55 minutes Price: £71

Reiki is a Japanese word representing Universal Life Energy (Rei = universal, Ki = life force energy). This treatment...

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Body Massage

Soothing Back Massage

Treatment Time: 25 minutes Price: £42

Relaxing Swedish style massage concentrating on the tension areas.

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Guest receiving back massage at Ragdale Hall

S.O.S Remedial Massage

Treatment Time: 70 minutes Price: £83

CREATED BY RAGDALE This results-driven treatment has been designed by one of Ragdale’s experienced male practitioners to target stiffness,...

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Spa Find Hot Salt Rock Reviver

Treatment Time: 45 minutes Price: £56

A totally unique back of the body treatment where your back and legs are massaged using Himalayan Hot Salt...

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