Top of the class – perfect end-of-term pampering for teachers

Jun 11, 2010
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All too soon, iPods up and down the country will be reverberating to the now traditional strains of “School’s out for the summer”, as pupils large and small – from exam-weary eighteen-year-olds through to fidgety five-year-olds – celebrate the long-awaited start of the summer holidays. It’s safe to say that they are by no means alone…

Just as elated to hear that final bell of the academic year will be the thousands of teaching staff and classroom assistants whose job it is to ensure that pupils of all ages and abilities fulfil their academic potential against a backdrop of ever-tightening budgetary constraints and ever-dwindling resources.

As a profession, teaching in the 21st century is arguably more challenging than ever before, with disruptive and unruly pupils (whose parents have never disciplined them, but expect teachers to work miracles) causing didactic dilemmas on a daily basis.

Add to that the pressures of league tables and inspections, not to mention internal school politics, and it is no surprise that teachers need an extended summer holiday just to be able to face setting foot in a classroom again. And no surprise either that teachers appreciate a little TLC at the end of term.

The sanctuary of a spa is the perfect place for a luxurious and indulgent pampering experience, as the gentle and relaxing ambience is in stark contrast to the tensions and stresses of the relentless school routine and the cacophony of the classroom.

Weary teachers are only too happy to trade a squeaky whiteboard marker for a soft white towelling robe, exchange scrawled-over jotters for a skim through a glossy magazine, and swap the characteristic, all-pervasive smell of sweaty feet for the sweet aromatic scent of massage oil.

A soothing Equilibrium massage, Back, Neck and Shoulder massage or Indian Head massage is guaranteed to work its magic, leaving you relaxed, refreshed and in the right mood to start those much-needed holidays.

Spa visits are the perfect end-of-term pick-me-up, refuelling teachers’ and lecturers’ batteries before the summer break begins in earnest – which is probably why pampered pedagogues give spa breaks full marks every time!

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