Top fitness tips to keep your New Year’s Resolution on track

Feb 08, 2019
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By any standard, our New Year’s resolution tradition is pretty poor – apparently, 80% of us give up by February. If you promised yourself that 2019 will be the year you finally shape-up but your initial enthusiasm is beginning to wane, take a quick read of our top fitness tips to get you back on track.

You Can Do It

From the outside life will present you with obstacles, which you have to find ways to go around, under, over or through.  But we also sabotage our progress from the inside with the small voice which says “you’ll never make it”, or that perverse part of our nature that holds us back from doing whatever it takes to move on.  You have to beat this self-defeating behaviour by replacing it with more constructive thoughts.  When lying in bed at night develop your own mantra to support your efforts each day.  ‘I can do it!’ 

By The Yard It’s Hard, By The Inch It’s a Cinch

If you feel overwhelmed by the enormity of your task, remember that small steps will add up to big results.  Take one at a time and congratulate yourself after every one.

Team Work

Spend time with positive people.  Friends that support and encourage you, colleagues that motivate you, prove invaluable in your desire to move on up.  Sharing your workouts with someone can be fun and you can inspire each other to keep going.


Talking of other people, if you know someone who has already achieved what you are setting out to do, decide if what worked for them will work for you. By adopting their habits you may save yourself time.  They will have taken some of the trial and error out for you.

Déjà vuGuests using the gymnasium facilities

It may help you to move forward if you remember how you achieved other difficult things in the past.  Perhaps driving lessons, qualifications, DIY project.

Back To The Future

Look forward to next three months and imagine yourself reflecting back on them and feeling proud of all that you have achieved.  Doesn’t it feel great!  Aren’t you glad you made that extra effort?  Now bring yourself back to the present…..get ready….and go for it!

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