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Jul 26, 2016
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Here at Ragdale Hall, we understand how important it is to have the perfect night’s sleep. Many of us suffer from sleep deprivation, and we all know the effect this can have on our daily lives. Relaxation therapies and exercises can help us destress after a long, busy day, and mentally prepare us for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Ragdale offers

  • One solution to sleep suffering, is to consider your nutritional intake. Here at Ragdale Hall, we offer you the chance to be analysed by our Food Intolerance Test, conducted by Dr. Heli Ots.
  • We also recommend soothing yoga sessions. This has proven to relieve stress from stress related insomnia sufferers. Here at Ragdale, we offer a range of yoga practices, including: fitness yoga, hatha yoga, yoga body, and even the water-based yoqua.
  • It is also integral to sleep in a bed that is specifically tailored to your comfort. Here at Ragdale Hall, if the standard pillow is not to your liking, you will find a range of different pillows, including: duck feathered, memory foam, and v-shape pillows.
  • We also offer a range of sheets and duvets, each suiting your specific requirements.

Ragdale recommends

  • Eating berries during the day! Berries are full of antioxidants that prevent your brain from ageing and are a great, natural option for gaining energy.
  • Take a ‘tech break’- try and avoid using your phone/technical devices too much.
  • Don’t keep your phone beside you during sleep, as this can disrupt a peaceful night.

There are also a number of straightforward exercises that we can do in order to relax our muscles and prepare our brain for a tranquil night.

  • Choose a quiet place where you will not be interrupted. Sit or lie in a comfortable position, making sure you are warm, comfortable and your head is supported. Play very quiet, slow peaceful music. Regular practice of this simple exercise will be hugely beneficial to your future well-being.
  • For a minute or two, concentrate on slow abdominal breathing. Breathe in deeply, watching your abdomen rise. Hold the breath in your lungs for a few seconds, then let it all fall out in a rush. Close your eyes. Now, as you take each breath in, picture it as a stream of sparkly clean air entering and penetrating your whole body. As you hold your breath for a couple of seconds, see the tension in your abdomen as a lump of grey material in the centre of your body. As you exhale, see a thick layer being stripped off from the lump and released with each breath. Let the lump get smaller and smaller, until at about the tenth breath, the remainder of the lump is exhaled. Then carry on breathing normally.
  • Sit or lie in a comfortable position. picture the heaviness of your own body and imagine the bed or chair is pushing upwards underneath you. Focus your attention to the place where the back of your head is supported and feel the pressure. Then focus to the area that supports your feet. Keep all your attention focused around those two spots and imagine the rest of your body is suspended between them, like a hammock.
  • After each exercise,  return your attention to your breathing. After five or six deep, slow abdominal breaths, open your eyes and allow yourself to return to your usual surroundings. Think abut how it feels to be relaxed. slowly get up, have a drink of water, and then return to your daily tasks.

And if all else fails, try a Spa Find Sleep Therapy Dream Facial like one of the Good Spa Guide’s Spa Spies did on their last visit to Ragdale.  Head over to their blog now to find out what effect the treatment had on her sporadic insomnia.

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