The Power of Sleep

Aug 16, 2011
Posted in: Health & Beauty, Well-being   Posted by: Lottie Limb

Sleep, or a lack thereof, undoubtedly defines the structure of our daily lives, with the ability to make or break high powered business deals or simple social interactions.  But a good night’s slumber is not only of paramount importance to our psychological performance, with insufficient repose, it is proven to result in irritability, poor recovery from stress, injury and skin complaints. It is surprising therefore, that over 25% of the population reportedly enjoy alarmingly less than their required 40 winks, culminating in excessive daytime sleepiness. Sleep suffering, however, is unnecessary when there are so many simple solutions.

One very easy resolution comes in the form of nutritional consideration, which can be analysed by having a Food Sensitivity Test with Ragdale Hall’s Dr. Heli Ots. Exercising regularly, particularly through soothing yoga sessions, is also invaluable to stress-related insomnia sufferers, helping to dispel daytime tension to strengthen the irrefutable relationship between a calm brain and better sleep. Ragdale offer a range of yoga practices, from fitness yoga, hatha yoga, yoga body, to the water-based yoqua, specifically for this reason.

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