New Treatment to Ragdale Hall

Aug 26, 2011
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New to Ragdale Hall

Decleor Excellence Age Defying “Qi Booster” Facial

Decleor’s most intensive anti-ageing facial has been enhanced with the latest massage techniques to achieve visible results and improve overall wellbeing.

In the new facial massage, firstly a QI Booster roller is used over the face with a firm, medium and light pressure. Using a firmer pressure the tiny spikes on the end of the roller will massage facial muscles and connective tissue to improve muscle tone and stimulate collagen production. The medium and light pressures will have more effect on the surface of the skin, stimulating nerve endings, boosting the circulation and improving drainage.

The hands-on section of the massage starts with a pressure point massage to relieve tension and deeply relax, using a specially selected 100% natural aromatherapy oil. This is combined with the Excellence Massage that uses targeted sculpting movements to lift and firm the facial contours that are prone to the signs of ageing such as the eyes and jaw line.

This facial is the perfect treatment for anyone concerned with ageing, from first expression lines to the more advanced signs of ageing, to leave the skin visibly glowing, firmer and plumper.

As Decleor believe that wellbeing and beauty are linked, all Decleor specialised facials begin with the unique back diagnostic massage. After this relaxing start, the face is cleansed and is then thoroughly exfoliated using a gel containing Alpha Hydroxyl Acids that gently dissolve dead skin cells leaving the skin smoother and brighter. After the facial massage, a concentrated mask is applied to either relax expression lines and brighten or to restore facial volume and add radiance. A hand and arm massage is then performed, finishing with the application of an eye product and moisturiser.

80 minutes – £73.00 – if you have already booked a spa day or spa break at Ragdale Hall, book the Excellence Age Defying “Qi Booster” Facial as an extra treatment now.

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