Spring weekend breaks in the UK: relax or keep fit – or both!

Mar 17, 2010
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As you dust off the winter cobwebs in March, summer can still seem a very long way off, with memories of the dark and bitter cold still fresh in your mind. So to cheer yourself up as you count the months until July, why not check out the availability of weekend breaks in the UK and treat yourself to a couple of days off in the meantime?

Short breaks in Britain come in many different guises. If you’re an adrenalin junkie, you’ll no doubt think of making tracks for an outdoors centre in the Peaks or Fells – there to swing at dizzy heights on ropes and harnesses or to speed down sheer mountainsides on a sturdy bike built to absorb at least a few of the bumps.

Alternatively, if the idea of a high-impact activity weekend leaves you totally cold, perhaps you’d prefer a couple of days of contemplative meditation and chanting on a remote Scottish island, with only the sheep for company?

Or perhaps those are still not quite the weekend breaks in the UK that you were looking for… If not, here’s an interesting idea for a short spring break – one that you maybe haven’t given a moment’s thought to before. How about a wonderfully relaxing spa weekend in an idyllic rural setting somewhere in the UK?

Now, if you’ve never set foot in a spa before and had no intention of ever doing so, don’t just dismiss the notion out of hand.

Any preconceptions you may have harboured about austerity and rigour will simply melt away within minutes of your arrival at any leading health resort. The mellow, calming ambience and ubiquitous comfort would be hard for even the most die-hard member of the spa sceptics’ brigade to resist for long.

In addition to providing a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere for a relaxing and fulfilling short break, modern-day spas offer the very best of health and beauty expertise, including state-of-the-art gyms, the very latest spa treatments and a team of professional beauty therapists.

All this is paired with traditional British comfort and hospitality to create the perfect short break destination – a venue that can be as soothing or as stimulating as you choose.

For instance, you could spend the morning working up an appetite with a couple of exercise classes. These often boast intriguing names, such as Bravo Broadway, Sinatra Swing or French Jive, and offer a fun way of burning off calories and giving your muscles a thorough workout.

Then, after a light lunch – and with your conscience clear, thanks to your active morning – you can succumb to an afternoon of complete and unadulterated pampering. Or maybe you’d prefer to while away a couple of hours in and around the dreamily blue spa pool, with occasional forays into the steam room or sauna.

Spring weekend breaks at UK spa resorts offer something for everyone – from keep fit fanatic to hedonist, and anyone in-between. And that’s what makes spas a perfect holiday destination for holidaymakers who like to have the best of all worlds.

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