Spring spa break ideas – hop along to Ragdale in the Year of the Rabbit

Feb 09, 2011
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If you found 2010 hugely stressful and exhausting, don’t be too surprised. For in the Chinese calendar, 2010 was a “Year of the Tiger”, and according to Chinese tradition, years of the tiger tend – as the name suggests – to be ferocious. By stark contrast, 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit, which apparently means it will be a year of peace and calm.

Tradition has it that whilst everyone else is boosting their beleaguered blood pressure by running around like headless chickens, people born in the year of the rabbit reckon that the world will still be here tomorrow and thus see absolutely no reason to hurry.

“Rabbits”, so the Chinese say, know how important it is to recognise when your batteries need recharged. And how right they are! This being the case, what better year could you choose than the Year of the Rabbit for booking your first (or next) spa break?

Whether you give any credence to traditional tales and superstitions, one thing is undeniable: the credit crunch ensured that 2010 was a pretty stressful year for many of us. So it would certainly do none of us any harm to take things a bit easier this year and to seek peace plentiful peace, far from the dramas of professional and domestic life.

With each day seeming to present us with awkward “situations” to sort out and tight deadlines to meet, it’s easy to understand why the appeal of quality “me” time is soaring amongst stressed citizens of all ages.

This increasing public awareness of the importance of wellness and personal care goes a long way to explaining the steady rise in the popularity of spas – undeniably the perfect venue for a top-to-toe de-stress experience.

Whether your de-pressuring preference is for a relaxing massage, a sweet-scented skin treatment or an invigorating workout, the UK’s leading spa and health resorts are sure to have a fabulous pampering and activity package to suit. Resorts such as rural idyll Ragdale Hall offer a full panoply of tempting spa breaks, all geared to soothing the soul.

If you’re never happier than when you’re spinning round the dance floor, Ragdale’s forthcoming Dancercise Break is sure to set your toes a tapping. And if you’re keen to banish the winter blues, the highly regarded Leicestershire spa’s Blissful Spring Break will tick all the boxes.

Looking for somewhere to spend time with the love of your life as a Valentine’s treat? Ragdale’s Romantic Getaway or Cupid’s Couples Day will surely fit the bill. Or if it’s mum and daughter time you’re seeking, you could enjoy a really special time together on the luxury spa and health hydro’s eponymous Mother and Daughter break.

Other impending spa breaks at Ragdale include the Beaut Camp Break and The Healthy Easter Special. Though with the latter billed as not having “as much as a single egg in sight”, the Easter Bunny may get some welcome time off too. Suppose that’s only what you’d expect in the Year of the Rabbit…

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