Spoil the one who is always there for you this Mother’s Day!

Mar 14, 2014
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Every mum deserves some pampering and relaxation, so why not treat yours to a visit to award winning health spa, Ragdale Hall.

We have two special packages designed to be the perfect Mother’s Day gift…………

Clarins Mother and Daughter Day – spend quality time together

The Mother & Daughter Break – two blissful nights away together – the ideal treat

Gift vouchers are available for the above or in monetary amounts – all are beautifully gift packed and are valid for a year.

To purchase gift vouchers visit our online shop or call 01664 434831.

M&S have launched a beautiful range of 4 Ragdale Hall spa gift sets in plenty of time for Mother’s Day (Sunday 30th March).  Available in 230 larger M&S stores near you.

If your mother is a Ragdale regular, one of the Ragdale Spa Range gifts will be perfect for her.  She’ll be reminded of happy memories of her last visit and indulged with gorgeous spa-at-home products.  If she really deserves a special treat, why not purchase a Ragdale Hall gift voucher and tuck it inside the packaging!  She’ll love you for it!

These gifts are a great way to say ‘thank you’ to the person who is always there for you no matter what.  Treat your mum to a little piece of Ragdale Hall this Mother’s Day.

Visit our website for more information.

“For most mums, it is pampering and me-time they yearn for, not another ornament or a box of chocolates”.



22 responses to “Spoil the one who is always there for you this Mother’s Day!”

  1. Joy Townsend says:

    The dining room looks beautiful. Can’t wait to see it on 11 May when I’m due my next visit. Pleased the oak panelling has been kept. It looks really bright and airy. See you soon.

    • Sue Haddaway says:

      Cant wait to eat in the new dinning room, with you for 3 nights end of June,so glad you have done it up as the rest of Ragedale looks so good now it will look amazing when i get there, for our 10th year

    • Breda WREFORD says:

      The dining room looks amazing I have been Coming to ragdale for years and have always had a great time ,there is no place as nice and friendly will see the new dining area in October this year when I will be coming with Jo Butcher group

    • Valerie Jackson says:

      The new décor in the dining room looks lovely. Very in keeping with the room. Also looking forward to seeing it on my next visit with my sister in November.

  2. Patricia Elwis says:

    Dinning room looks lovely, splash of colour always works wonders see you on 29th April x

  3. Jo Marchant says:

    Still exceptionally beautiful! combining the classic features of the oak panelled walls with a more light modern feel giving a calming feeling. Can’t wAit for my next visit later in the year!!

  4. joanna pride says:

    the dining room looks amazing and it looks like it has kept the charm of ragdale. cant wait for our break in may. x

  5. Wendy Swindells says:

    The pictures look fabulous can’t wait to see it when we visit on 29 April. It looked good before but looks luxurious now. Ragdale Hall means: total relaxation, pampering, superb food and a true sense of home from home. Bliss!

  6. Teri says:

    It looks great. I was also pleased to hear from one of the chefs that you are going to be growing some of the food. That’s the best news. Looking forward to a sustainable retreat.

  7. Rachael Wood says:

    It looks great
    I just can’t wait
    Until November when we make our yearly trip
    In this georgeous restaurant we can really let rip
    You have done a grand job

  8. Sharon Card says:

    Dining room looks beautiful. I have been coming to Ragdale for last last 20 years and it gets better and better! Next visit due on May 18th so looking forward to enjoying another fabulous revamped room. Every time I visit there is something new and exciting to enjoy!

  9. Elaine Speak says:

    I have lost count of the number of visits to Ragdale and I have always come away thinking that I would rather have a stay in Ragdale than anywhere else on earth. But my recent visit surpassed all others and I thought that would be impossible. Your new dining room along with the menus was unbelievably perfect. Thank you so much, Elaine Speak

  10. Susan Ivins says:

    The Dining Room looks stunning…lovely colours. I can’t wait either, for my next visit in June! Bring it on!

  11. Caroline Finlayson says:

    Also glad to see traditional features have been kept, and that you are still using tablecloths ….it is the small attention to detail that makes Ragdale so special. However, love the airy look the new soft furnishings have given..the curtains especially look beautiful.
    Can’t wait to see it all when I visit on May 12th !!

  12. Stephanie Walker says:

    The photos of the new dining room look excellent. I am so pleased you have kept the traditional classic feel of the dining room and especially the wood pannelling which is so elegant but comforting. Well done as always in all you do at Ragdale.

  13. The dining room looks fabulous. You always get it just right. Well done again Ragdale! So pleased about the oak panelling, as we were amongst those who requested that it be retained.
    Can’t wait until next year when we’ll be back for our 7th or 8th year!

  14. Angela Shaw says:

    I LOVE the carpet in particular, it looks fabulous!!

  15. teresa martin says:

    Lovely to get a glimpse of the new look dining room.Just couldn’t work out how they were going to do it without closing for a few days . will have to wait til next March to eat there but I am sure it will be worth the wait!

  16. Helen varey says:

    It look fabulous can’t wait for my visit with my sister our yearly treat to Ragdale May 19th.

  17. Patricia Woodward says:

    Dining room looks great can’t wait till I visit in June!

  18. Valerie Jackson says:

    The newly refurbished dining room looks lovely. Looking forward to seeing it when my sister and I visit in November. We always enjoy the wonderful food and the excellent service.

  19. Rosalind Fawcett says:

    Love the facelift in the dining room also glad to see the panelling has been retained !
    Been telling my Spa buddy all about it she’ll see it for herself when we come back in July 🙂

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