Spas – why the “s” word is so much less stressful than the “a” words

Jun 19, 2010
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“S” is for summer, sunshine, sport, sipping (long cool drinks), sitting (down with a good book) and smiles (of sheer bliss).

Perhaps it’s no coincidence that “s” is also for spa, an idyllic place where all these elements combine to create the ultimate stress-free summer holiday in a haven far removed from the outside world. Here you can enjoy as much exercise as you’re comfortable with, then simply relax in the garden or by the lagoon pool, with a serene smile on your face.

A summer getaway weekend at a spa will allow you to do all this – and a lot more besides…

Compare this idyllic scenario with the uncertainty of relying on an aeroplane to transport you to a holiday location abroad.  Judging by the recent antics of a certain Icelandic landmark, you might not know till the last minute that your flight is grounded by an ash cloud – leaving the first day (or more) of your precious holiday in ruins.

Given all the above, it’s not difficult to work out why thinking “s for spas” this summer is guaranteed to be far more relaxing than worrying about the potential consequences of “a for ash… or aeroplane… or abroad”.  Better still, a staycation (note the “s”!) at a local spa means far fewer miles to travel into the bargain.

If you book into one of the country’s top spas this summer, there will be ample time and opportunity to try out an exotic beauty treatment or two.

Be warned though – you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding between treatments such as Decleor’s Prepare to Bare and the temptingly named Sun Soother, or between Fake Bake’s Self Tan and an Elemis Modern Skin Facial.

Fortunately, decisions don’t come any tougher than this within the protective confines of the luxury spa environment, where everything is geared towards your comfort, relaxation and wellness.

If you’re in the mood for exercise, simply sign up for an energetic class. If you’re not, then the extent of your exertions need be shuttling between the steamy sauna, the heavenly hot tub and the pleasantly cool pool. And if even that becomes too much, then you can always indulge in a little siesta – coincidentally another “s” word.

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