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Jul 07, 2014
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The special bond between a mother and her daughter is said to be one of the most complex relationship’s some of us will have. If Merida, who turns her mother into a bear because she doesn’t want to get married and Rapunzel whose mother locks her in a tower are anything to go by (mothers with younger daughters will know what is being referred to here) this must be true.  So why is this?

We want to protect our little princesses and keep them from harm, whilst also wishing for them to grow to be confident and independent young ladies.

Most of the time, up until now, you have been able to guide her through life and help her make the right choices, however now she’s older you’re having to let go a little, stand back and just be there for her.

The emotions and pressure that you both feel in certain situations, for example waiting for GCSE and A Level results, can put strain on even the most special of relationships, after all none of us are perfect.

Of course, the complexity of your mother/daughter relationship could have nothing to do with any of the above, it could simply be because your daughter has magic hair!?!

Whether you’re best of friends at the moment or giving each other some space, your special bond needs nurturing as she begins her journey into the next stage of her life. The perfect way to do this is with a little time out away from everyone and everything else – time you can call ‘ours’.

A visit to Ragdale Hall will give you the opportunity to sink into a comfy sofa whilst chatting over a coffee, get your energy levels and laughter flowing by joining in one of our fun exercise classes or relax and enjoy each others company in the Thermal Spa which houses eight different heat and water experiences. Time at a spa will help you focus on that bond whilst being pampered and relaxed by caring staff in beautiful surroundings.


Our friendly reservations team will guide you through the wide range of spa days and spa breaks available depending on your budget and your treatment preferences.

Take a look at our website ( or call 01664 433000 and speak to a member of the team.

You’ve watched your daughter take her first steps, waved her off on her first day at school, helped her with her homework – do you think she’d like her next milestone to be her first ever spa trip?

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