Spa-rty girls: beauty treatments come home

Jun 16, 2009
Posted in: Health & Beauty   Posted by: Maggie

A new type of social event is enjoying increasing popularity on the other side of the Atlantic, as pamper or spa parties become all the rage.

So what exactly happens at a spa party and why do people hold them?

Well, the answer depends, understandably, on the budget available, the type of special occasion in question and the venue involved.  But in its most basic sense, a spa-rty involves a group of ladies gathering at a friend’s house to sip a glass or two of wine, and catch up on the latest gossip as they enjoy various beauty treatments.

The finer details of individual spa events can be extremely varied.  For example, if you or your friends are fortunate enough to have access to a private swimming pool, an elaborate pool party with no expense spared would be a perfect way to celebrate a 50th birthday party.

You could make it a truly memorable spa experience, with Chinese lanterns festooning the trees around the garden, a string quartet playing softly in the background, and a healthy banquet of fresh, wholesome produce served under the stars once guests have enjoyed the full panoply of professional spa treatments.

However, at the current time of recession, perhaps a rather more modest affair might be the order of the day – or night.  For a fun hen night on a budget, for example, you could always turn your own sitting-room into a miniature spa – complete with scented candles, soft lighting, relaxing music and a range of pamper options.

The shelves of any self-respecting High Street chemists currently groan under the myriad spa products now available, so you’ll have no problem offering your guests a wide choice of treatments, ranging from fabulously fruity facials to a really relaxing foot massage.

If no one in your circle of friends feels like being the “hostess with the mostess”, an easier alternative might be to book your party into a leading UK spa hotel and let the beauticians and other spa professionals work their magic.

Spa parties are beginning to catch on here in the UK too – so, if you’re lucky, it may not be long before your first spa party invitation drops through your letterbox, if it hasn’t already. And if you’re used to long nights spent dancing your feet sore on the disco floor, you may find that a pampering pedicure makes a very welcome change…

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