Spa holidays – try something different this Easter

Mar 09, 2010
Posted in: Health & Beauty   Posted by: Maggie

If you’ve already had your fill – whether literally or metaphorically speaking – of the ubiquitous chocolate creations currently adorning every available inch of the supermarket shelves, then you are not alone.

No matter how much of a self-confessed chocoholic you are, you may be hard pushed to chomp your way through the irresistible collection of Easter confectionery that confronts us in the 21st century.

Even the Easter bunny himself must surely shake his head in disbelief at the cornucopia of cocoa-bean derivatives on offer in stores and boutiques in the weeks and months leading up to the spring celebration of all things sweet.

So what’s the solution for the average weight-conscious or health-conscious (or both) spring tourist? Well, one option is to seek out a place where you can spend a couple of days far from the consumption-obsessed, calorie-laden extravaganza that is modern-day Easter…

A place where, instead of tormenting your mind and body by exposing them mercilessly to indulgences that may well store up health problems for the future, you can focus on your inner self and experience the de-stressing delights of a calm, serene environment. And for anyone still in doubt, I’m referring to a spa.

Spa holidays have grown immensely in popularity over the past decade, their image morphing beyond recognition from that of a holiday-camp style health farm, serving single lettuce leaves three times daily to become a much-respected promoter and purveyor of wellness and a healthier lifestyle.

Today, leading UK spas are synonymous with sublimely scented sophistication, tantalisingly tasty (yet healthy) meals and state-of-the-art treatments specially conceived to restore the much-sapped energy of world-weary guests – such as aptly named Beyond Bliss Calming Ritual.

Moreover, if energy levels permit, during your spa holiday you may well wish to take advantage of the wide range of activities and exercise classes offered by most top health resorts – such as Disco Groove, Bravo Broadway, Jazzacise and Hula Hooping.  Just reading their names makes you want to get up and dance!

So when you’re contemplating how to spend Easter weekend, why not treat yourself to a taste of the spa lifestyle.  You’ll find it’s sweeter than you could ever have imagined.

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